Court-Ordered Parenting Classes

More often than not it seems, in a child custody or visitation dispute, the Family Court Services (FCS) recommending counselor will recommend that one or both parents attend a court-approved parenting class and often with a specific focus such as co-parenting, high-conflict co-parenting, parenting skills, or parenting of children of divorce or with an emphasis on anger management. Once completed, the party ordered to take the class must provide proof to the Superior Court of completion of the class which usually takes the form of a certificate of completion issued by the class instructor.

The FCS recommendation may also require in-person attendance and the order may state by name which local class must be taken. If the Court orders that a class be taken but doesn’t state whether attendance must be in-person, a court-approved online course may be taken instead.  One such offering that my clients have had good results with (in terms of completing the required coursework) is  I recommend this website because: 1) I’ve heard no client complaints about the website’s series of programs; 2) it appears professionally maintained; and, 3) it covers the classes routinely ordered by local family court judges.