Estate of Britel (2015)

Estate of Amine Britel (2015) grapples with the term “openly held out” in subdivision (b)(2) of Probate Code section 6453 for the purpose of establishing a parental relationship (paternity) and ultimately the heir to a decedent’s estate.  An alleged father dies intestate (meaning he died without executing a will) and without being legally identified as the … [Read more…]

Jeffrey D. Stuard, et al. v. Matthew Stuard (2016)

It seems intuitive enough that parents should have ultimate control over who is be permitted to visit with their child(ren).  Right?  This isn’t always the case in California, if the judicial officer believes a pre-existing relationship between the grandparents and the grandchild(ren) exists such that promoting their bond is in child(ren)’s best interest, and on … [Read more…]